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ghost hunting

Have you ever went on an investigation, and then for a few hours had nothing happened. Then suddenly all kinds of activity started happing after provoking it.what are your thoughts?

The Washoe Club

Night time in the Millionaires Club

As the night draped across the town, we ventured towards the Washoe Club to begin our investigation. Staring at the long stretch of stairs from the street the ever boding darkness within beckons you...

The Washoe Club

The Washoe Club

If you’ve never been to this amazing old west millionaires club or maybe you’ve gone many times and now you want to check the place out again, well then check out our recent video...

Virginia City Street Sign

Virginia City, NV

Hello everyone! It has been a pretty busy place up here in  Virginia City with many events that include National Police Memorial Parade and a Classic  Car Show to name a few Mothers Day’s events....